in the box they go... zazzzzzz...

Combination, buttercream base with fondant riben

in the box they go...

For my beloved abah, i made a yellow Glutinous rice n Beef Rendang.

Upin & Ipin on the top of my cake... Suke.. Suke ( i like it..)

2 days course.. TQ to Chef Shahril dari Cake Expressions & Sugarcraft



Blue Bush White Foliage

Anemone Flower...

Dendrobium (orchid)

barbie in action.....

barbie & accessory, but i lost her makeup bag. I think she must be an IT person.. hahahahaha..

now, barbie n me... and birthday girl..

cupcakes in a pastry basket...

order from kak sal for her lovely daughter birthday... tq kak sal...

cupcakes untuk hantaran..

cupcakes untuk tetamu...

Tq to Aishah and Masitah
kellas belajar melukis.... tp kek ttp jd tajuk..

My personel class with my fwen.. something new to me.. trying to make it high.. double 6" cakes..

me... snap2 with cakes.. hahahahahah..

Received an order from my ITM classmate.. Thank you Nieda... n Happy Birtday to your lovely lil girl..

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